Homeopathic and “alternative” therapies could lose non-profit status

Earlier this year, Scientific American and others reported US families saying that their children were harmed by homeopathic medicine.  According to Russia Today, Russia’s Academy of Science sees homeopathy as a pseudoscience.

So, when the British charity commission started stripping homeopaths of their charitable status, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Ten days later, the report is the last entry in the Guardian’s Alternative Medicine blog, suggesting that even that newspaper is withdrawing its support for anything other than standard medical treatment.  Continue reading “Homeopathic and “alternative” therapies could lose non-profit status”

Do med schools reject great doctors?

You may have seen Hisashi T Fujinaka’s list of rejections and read his pessimistic conclusion:

“Just because they’ve always told you that hard work will get you your heart’s desires doesn’t mean it’s true. There’s a lot of luck involved in life and I’m kind of tapped out right now.” Continue reading “Do med schools reject great doctors?”

Human doctors will always be needed, Kai-Fu Lee predicts

While computers might help with diagnosis, and technology is making diagnosis more accurate, human doctors will always be with us.

Kai-Fu Lee, a popular blogger on Chinese social media, runs Sinovation Ventures, which invests heavily in artificial intelligence.  He sees this as the wave of the future, changing the way we earn and learn, as well as how we are treated for disease.  Tech crunch reports Lee as saying:

“AI is really changing every profession and every industry. There’s almost nothing that won’t be touched by AI.  You could easily imagine education applications for instance — AI could replace a lot of the basic teaching functions. Medicine and health are also key areas.”

Continue reading “Human doctors will always be needed, Kai-Fu Lee predicts”

Does soya milk give you moobs?

According to Singapore Newspaper today online, more men are seeking “breast reduction” than ever before.  Up to one third of men worldwide could develop unwanted fatty tissue in the upper torso, a condition commonly known as moobs.

So, why do so many men have moobs?  According to Dr Huang, “psuedo-oestrogens” in the environment mimic female hormones.  These lead to development of physical traits that we associate with women. Continue reading “Does soya milk give you moobs?”

Reliance on technology could put care patients at risk, but did it?

The Cambrian News reported that in a care home two hours north of Aberystwyth, a nurse was using Google Translate to communicate with patients.

Yes, the adverts that we of the man using Google translate to book a hotel are cute, but is the device being mis-sold as a substitute for learning a language?  Would you trust an automated computer with your health?  Or even a hotel booking? Continue reading “Reliance on technology could put care patients at risk, but did it?”

Lifesaving ship brings “Forth Hope” to Amazon region

On Saturday 20st May 2017, Princess Anne named “Forth Hope”, a ship destined to serve the river communities of the Amazon in Peru.   The ship is owned by Vine Trust, a charity in Edinburgh (Scotland), and at least partly financed by private sources.   (source, STV.)

STV quoted Vine chief executive, Willie McPherson, as saying: Continue reading “Lifesaving ship brings “Forth Hope” to Amazon region”