Lifesaving ship brings “Forth Hope” to Amazon region

On Saturday 20st May 2017, Princess Anne named “Forth Hope”, a ship destined to serve the river communities of the Amazon in Peru.   The ship is owned by Vine Trust, a charity in Edinburgh (Scotland), and at least partly financed by private sources.   (source, STV.)

STV quoted Vine chief executive, Willie McPherson, as saying:

“We are grateful for the invaluable support of Babcock International Group and the 30 other companies which have supported the outfitting of MV Forth Hope.

“It has been wonderful to see so many organisations generously contribute to this life-changing project and we look forward to sharing stories from Forth Hope’s Atlantic voyage and medical work on the Peruvian Amazon.”

The Aberdeen Evening Express further reports that the 35 meter long ship is equipped with a pharmacy, operating theatre, laboratory, consultation rooms (where, apparently, 100,000 consultations can be carried out in a year), and dental surgery. (Note: As the Aberdeen evening express story is no longer online, you can check The Herald of Scotland instead.)

According to the Dunfermline Press, the Forth Hope is expected to continue its service for at least 20 years, providing 2 million consultations.

The Dunfermline Press also quotes John Howie of the Babcock group as saying:

“The Forth Hope naming ceremony signifies a high point in our relationship with the Vine Trust and its vital mission to provide medical, home building and care support to communities in severe poverty.”

This naming ceremony involved the naming the William Rankine building,  the Babcock group’s “state-of-the-art engineer centre,” as well as the ship.

“We sincerely hope Forth Hope, and our contribution to its development, will help change the lives of Amazonian River communities through the provision of an estimated 2 million medical consultations over the next 20 years.

We salute all the philanthropists who gave money, volunteers giving their time and expertise, and everyone else involved in this venture.  May it be true to its name and bring Forth Hope.

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