How healthy are you?

Here’s a quick test.

Time yourself doing 100 chin-ups.  Now, run three miles, preferably up a steep hill like Baintha Brakk.  After that, see how far you can swim against the current in half an hour (but don’t dive down straight from the hill, that would be dangerous.  Hopefully there’s a pool on top of the hill.)

Okay, when you’re breathing deeply from all that exercise, take your pulse.

What’s that?  You can’t do 100 chin-ups or run a mile or swim for half an hour?  Well then, there’s room for improvement.

Perhaps you’d rather take your pulse “at rest.” Maybe you’d just like to know how to take your pulse.  Here’s a guide from the British Heart Foundation.

Done that? Good.

Can’t feel your pulse?  Maybe you’re doing it wrong.  Or, maybe you’re some kind of artificial being who doesn’t have a pulse.

In any case, taking a pulse only tests the health of your heart, to see if your blood is circulating properly.  So many other organs, from the skin to the kidneys, might be suffering even if you have a perfect pulse.

No one is perfect, so it helps to know your weaknesses. You can’t test for everything yourself, but you can look at some of the more common illnesses.

Below is an NHS self assessment tool for type 2 diabetes.

content provided by NHS Choices

Another common ailment is cancer.  There are many kinds of cancer, some you can easily test for, others that are less apparent.

There are many freely available tests for testicular cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer and prostate cancer out there.

But, there are some conditions you might not consider testing for, like VTE.

content provided by NHS Choices

The NHS also provides free online self-assessment tools for sleep, heart age, heavy periods, depression, bladder problems, asthma and more. It even has a “mood” assessment.

Whoever said “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” wasn’t thinking about illness.  So, if you’re wondering how healthy you are, try these tests today.

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