Immunotherapy, the new cancer buzzword

When a the University of Leeds asked those enrolled in “Exploring Cancer medicines” to write a short blog post on the future of Cancer medicines, over half of the participants chose immunotherapy.

In a healthy body, the immune system fights disease by attacking germs like viruses and bacteria.  However, as cancer uses the body’s own cells, and as many cancers are basically mutations of the body’s own cells, the immune system can’t always tell the difference between a normal cell and a cancer cell.

Immunotherapy is about help the body’s immune system recognise those cancer cells, so that the body will fight them in the way it fights other diseases.

Here are some of the titles chosen by the students:

  • The future of Lung Cancer
  • immunotherapy
  • Immunotherapy, maybe our own body can kick cancer’s butt
  • Immunotherapy as cancer treatment: the basics
  • It’s all down to you, Immunotherapy
  • Our own bodies can cure cancer
  • The future of cancer
  • Our bodies must fight back
  • The ongoing  battle
  • Immunology


What is an epidemic?

“Flu rates have doubled in the last fortnight, according to the figures, raising the spectre of an epidemic within a month if trends continue,” – Laura Donnelly.

Earlier this year, education skeptic Joseph Ohler claimed that the “prescription opioid epidemic” was “fake.”

Laura Donnelly, the Health editor for the Telegraph, wrote on Friday that, “Britain will be in the grip of a flu epidemic by the end of the month if the virus continues to spread at its current rate…” Continue reading “What is an epidemic?”

Is Fatca bad for medicine?

Fatca, the Fiscally Absurd & Tedious Counterproductive Administration, or (euphemistically) the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, is an example of United States government pushing others around, supposedly to find tax cheats.

In reality, Fatca hits everyone.  If you’re suspected of being an American living abroad, or if you’ve lived in the USA and moved out, and then receive ten dollars from Amazon, eBay or Vimeo, or any other online shop, affiliate scheme, or freelancing website, they will refuse to give it to you until you fill out intrusive paperwork.  That’s right, not ten thousand dollars, ten dollars.  They would probably do it for ten cents.

And, it will definitely hit you if you invest in medical research, or if you seek investors.

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Are the nurses really leaving?

Politicians give their opinions on every element of human life.  Consequently, many people blame politicians, or even voters, for changes in supply and demand.  After all, these issues were brought up before the election.

It is true that, while there is net migration into the country, many people are leaving the UK (and perhaps doctors and nurses have a net outward migration).  One British man gave the following reasons for becoming French:

The list of dead ends seems grotesque, worthy of a Marx Brothers’ film: the record number of European nurses leaving the NHS, for fear of not being allowed to stay in the country; people in poverty-scarred Cornwall having massively voted Brexit then worrying, just a day after the vote, that their (vital) European subsidies would stop; the British farmers, pro-Brexit, also getting indignant at the stopping of subsidies – a detail they seem not to have thought of; the Home Office considering recruiting Polish customs officers, because there are too few Britons for the job – yes Britain needs Poles to help keep out the Poles!

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