Busts big tobacco, now after opioids

The unfortunately named Mike Moore (not the documentarian, the lawyer) who took on tobacco is now opposing opioids.  Can he defeat big pharma like he beat the big bad cancer weed?

Esmé E Deprez and Paul Barrett write for Bloomberg:


Will more female doctors be enough?

80 percent of lab rats, guinea pigs, or whatever test animals, are apparently male.  That is, according to a report done by Joséfa Lopez for Le Monde. (24 november, 2017)

When it comes to human test subjects, les than a quarter is a woman.

As a result, many medicines that have been tested on men are not suitable for women.  Not only do they have untested side effects, they may even be counterproductive, having the opposite effect of what is intended. Continue reading “Will more female doctors be enough?”

Does the BBC know what an Opioid is?

Fact checking seems to have been outsourced.  It used to be the domain of in-house sub-editors, but now it is almost entirely up to volunteers to spot accuracy in the media.  And, unfortunately, what passes for investigative journalism these days is little more than academic conjecture.

Take the BBC’s recent report claiming that the “real” opioid crisis is that poor countries don’t get enough.   The more you examine the facts, the more difficult that claim is to believe. Continue reading “Does the BBC know what an Opioid is?”

You really are being watched by your doctor

The FDA has approved a new kind of pill that informs your doctor when (or whether) you take it.  If you swallow the pill, it sends a signal that tells your doctor and insurance company.  If you don’t, the lack of signal lets them know that too.

Most people will say that don’t mind, that they take their medicine.  But statistics show that thousands (or millions) of patients do not follow their doctor’s prescriptions.  Would being watched change that?

“We all have something to hide,” according to Randolph Lewis, the author of Under Surveillance.  Lewis quotes another journalist, Glenn Greenwald, saying, “If you have nothing to hide, why don’t you send me all of your passwords and all of your emails?” Continue reading “You really are being watched by your doctor”