Medical crowdfunding has its side effects

Even though Australians are meant to have a state-funded health care system, “medical” is the most popular category for crowdfunding campaigns in Australia.

That’s not surprising.  Being ill is the number 2 reason Australians go bankrupt (behind commercial causes.)

However, there is a downside.  If you do ask for help, you may be branding yourself for life as “that ill person” or branding the person on whose behalf you’re pleading.

In addition to losing privacy, recipients of crowdfunding may be more likely to use quacks, or alternative therapies.

What the media really seems to fear is that crowdfunding will be seen as an alternative to mainstream health care funding sources, including government financed schemes and traditional health insurance.  Those with run of the mill illnesses, who have few connections, or who don’t know how to tell a good story will miss out.

Philanthropists can also be victims.  As kgw reports, GoFraudMe follows fraudulent crowdfunding campaigns.  Sometimes the tragedy is real, but the people asking for money have no connection with, and no intention to give to, the real tragedy.  Sometimes the tragedy is made up, taking attention away from real illnesses.


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