Beware of Quacks and Quack schools

A bogus naturopath, Laurence Perry, was convicted of manslaughter back in 2002.  He was only sentenced to 12-15 months in jail.  As early as 2007, there were credible reports that Laurence Perry was practicing again, in Decatur, Alabama.  Then, in 2013, Laurence Perry had been reported to have been practicing “for several years” in North Carolina.

Quackwatch goes on to list his credentials, which it calls diploma mills.  But, what exactly is a “diploma mill” and how do we tell it from a valid medical school?

Apparently, naturopathic medicine has comparable tuition rates to normal medical schools, according to Science Based medicine you could pay 40,000 a year.  These degrees are accredited, and you can get student loans to go to them.

Naturopathic medicine is not accredited by the mainstream medical community.  Rather, naturopaths have their own accreditation system.  They set the standards themselves.

ND Confession, Part II: The Accreditation of Naturopathic “Medical” Education

But, couldn’t that be said of any branch of medicine?  Psychologists determine what are and what are not mental disorders by an internal vote.

However, some branches of medicine do undergo a higher degree of scrutiny and scientific rigour.  Rather than just being about votes, they are about documented evidence.

Accreditation is easier to achieve in some subjects than others.  So, even if Perry had been an accredited naturopath, that might not have made him any safer.

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