Stop the Next Cyber Attack: Don’t Wait Till You Wanna Cry

We can sometimes understand the story of a starving child who steals an apple, like Aladdin, or the fictional privateer who breaks an embargo, or even (at a stretch) the con artist who targets a “bad guy” as in Ocean’s 11 or The Sting.  Even if we disapprove of these activities in real life, we can appreciate them when fiction gives the thieves a sympathetic motive.  However, I don’t think even Hollywood could make us sympathise with someone would stoop so low as to hold hospitals for ransom.

We now live in a time when thieves steal computers from schools, when terrorists kidnap aid workers, when vital operations are held up by hackers who want a little extra cash.  Hospitals were not the only victim of the cyber-attack last weekend, but they were among the most vulnerable. Continue reading “Stop the Next Cyber Attack: Don’t Wait Till You Wanna Cry”

Bill Gates, global health expert

The World is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic,” declared the cover of last week’s Time Magazine.  This article quoted “global health experts”, the first of which was “Bill Gates.” Yes, Gates was listed before representatives of the WHO and CDC, before any licensed medical doctor.

Among other things, the experts warned that it could be “too late”, that “nowhere near enough is being done to prepare, leaving the U.S. scarily exposed” to “the Next Pandemic.” Continue reading “Bill Gates, global health expert”