Angel investor prescribes Dr Google.

Dr Aniruddha Malpani, who describes himself as an Angel investor with Malpani Investors, is gaining a lot of attention on LinkedIn by claiming that, “Lots of #doctors don’t like patients who visit #DrGoogle, but I find these #patients are usually smarter and more proactive.” Continue reading “Angel investor prescribes Dr Google.”

Happy 14th of July! errata on the eggs story

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And sorry if this is late.  But late only counts when you have an appointment to meet, like meeting your destiny in Waterloo.

Speaking of Waterloo, our article on Napoleon seems to have hit a button.  And we even got praise from someone who considers “le petit caporal” to be a good egg. Continue reading “Happy 14th of July! errata on the eggs story”

Is healthcare Britain’s biggest worry?

If you follow the media, you’ll see that health care has become a political issue.  In the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere, candidates lay down their plans for medicine.

As much as ten percent of political speeches are devoted to health funding, and to health infrastructure, whether it be “Obamacare” or the NHS.  But does the electorate care? Continue reading “Is healthcare Britain’s biggest worry?”

“The New York Times is a joke” – claims “science and health” writer

Science news? A lot of stories seem to be just recycled press releases. Scholarship isn't all about what kind of hat you wear. and more about turtles, newspapers and scientists drinking sugar. On 5 March 2017, Alex Berezow wrote an infographic-based article, called “The Best And Worst Science News Sites” for the so-called “American Council on Science and Health.”

Berezow claims to hear the question “How do I know if a news story is fake?” a lot.  Well, I didn’t ask him.  Did you? Continue reading ““The New York Times is a joke” – claims “science and health” writer”

How do we define health today?

What is health?

Medicine, to produce health, has to examine disease, and music, to create harmony, must investigate discord; and the supreme arts, of temperance, of justice and of wisdom…[blah, blah, blah, yada yada, drone drone] -Plutarch

For modern views on health, Jess Mador asked people in Knoxville Tennessee what health is, and what the greatest challenges to health are.

There are real and superficial definitions of health.
Some will use health to describe their ideal appearance, in order to sell products, or to further more nefarious agendas.  Others will simply say that health is not sickness. Continue reading “How do we define health today?”

Stop promoting so-called “medical” marijuana

We understand that the jails are full in some countries, that drug addiction is a disease that is not always best treated in prisons, and that it often seems that governments are losing the war against drugs.  Some police officers have suggested that there are more effective ways to stop drug abuse than law enforcement.

That said, it’s one thing to decriminalize a self-destructive habit, it’s quite another to promote it. Continue reading “Stop promoting so-called “medical” marijuana”