Do med schools reject great doctors?

You may have seen Hisashi T Fujinaka’s list of rejections and read his pessimistic conclusion:

“Just because they’ve always told you that hard work will get you your heart’s desires doesn’t mean it’s true. There’s a lot of luck involved in life and I’m kind of tapped out right now.” Continue reading “Do med schools reject great doctors?”

Stop the Next Cyber Attack: Don’t Wait Till You Wanna Cry

We can sometimes understand the story of a starving child who steals an apple, like Aladdin, or the fictional privateer who breaks an embargo, or even (at a stretch) the con artist who targets a “bad guy” as in Ocean’s 11 or The Sting.  Even if we disapprove of these activities in real life, we can appreciate them when fiction gives the thieves a sympathetic motive.  However, I don’t think even Hollywood could make us sympathise with someone would stoop so low as to hold hospitals for ransom.

We now live in a time when thieves steal computers from schools, when terrorists kidnap aid workers, when vital operations are held up by hackers who want a little extra cash.  Hospitals were not the only victim of the cyber-attack last weekend, but they were among the most vulnerable. Continue reading “Stop the Next Cyber Attack: Don’t Wait Till You Wanna Cry”