Repel mosquitoes by burning oranges

South Korea’s “Chosun Ilbo” reports that you can create a cheap mosquito repellent by drying orange or lemon peel and burning it.

Years ago the same paper reported that leaving orange peel out to dry can help absorb foul odors. We’re guessing that the peels of other citrus fruits should work too.

It appears that the ancient Romans were also fans of citrus fruits (like lemons, oranges and citrons), but instead of eating citrus, used them as medicine and ornaments.

We now know that citrus fruits are great sources of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that prevents scurvy.  It’s good to know that the peels of citrus fruits, which we normally don’t eat, have other uses too.

If you are allergic to citrus, you can drive away mosquitoes by leaving a fan on at a high speed.  And for added security, you can sleep in a mosquito net.

In case these fail, you can relieve the pain of a mosquito bite by dipping a spoon in boiling water, and then pressing the hot spoon against the bite for one second.  (Please, use common sense: don’t burn yourself or others.)