Medical crowdfunding has its side effects

Even though Australians are meant to have a state-funded health care system, “medical” is the most popular category for crowdfunding campaigns in Australia.

That’s not surprising.  Being ill is the number 2 reason Australians go bankrupt (behind commercial causes.) Continue reading “Medical crowdfunding has its side effects”

Is Fatca bad for medicine?

Fatca, the Fiscally Absurd & Tedious Counterproductive Administration, or (euphemistically) the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, is an example of United States government pushing others around, supposedly to find tax cheats.

In reality, Fatca hits everyone.  If you’re suspected of being an American living abroad, or if you’ve lived in the USA and moved out, and then receive ten dollars from Amazon, eBay or Vimeo, or any other online shop, affiliate scheme, or freelancing website, they will refuse to give it to you until you fill out intrusive paperwork.  That’s right, not ten thousand dollars, ten dollars.  They would probably do it for ten cents.

And, it will definitely hit you if you invest in medical research, or if you seek investors.

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Lifesaving ship brings “Forth Hope” to Amazon region

On Saturday 20st May 2017, Princess Anne named “Forth Hope”, a ship destined to serve the river communities of the Amazon in Peru.   The ship is owned by Vine Trust, a charity in Edinburgh (Scotland), and at least partly financed by private sources.   (source, STV.)

STV quoted Vine chief executive, Willie McPherson, as saying: Continue reading “Lifesaving ship brings “Forth Hope” to Amazon region”

Bill Gates, global health expert

The World is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic,” declared the cover of last week’s Time Magazine.  This article quoted “global health experts”, the first of which was “Bill Gates.” Yes, Gates was listed before representatives of the WHO and CDC, before any licensed medical doctor.

Among other things, the experts warned that it could be “too late”, that “nowhere near enough is being done to prepare, leaving the U.S. scarily exposed” to “the Next Pandemic.” Continue reading “Bill Gates, global health expert”