beauty contestant prescribes toga

Radha Patel, a pharmacist by trade, will be representing Gwynedd in the Miss Great Britain pageant.

“What’s great about the Miss Great Britain pageant is that it’s also about your personality,” Patel told the Daily Post. “It’s about girl power and giving women confidence.”

“…It’s also about your personality.” Radha Patel

Patel performed in a band called “Office Girls UK” before earning her Masters degree.  She also gives yoga classes online, through a business she calls “TOGA.”  Toga focuses on the strength-building aspects of yoga, but apparently has nothing to do with ancient costumes.

Patel is currently working at a pharmacy in Yorkshire.

What did “fit for human habitation” mean?

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, Expedition 36 flight engineer, conducts an ocular health exam. – Nasa photograph.

Dr Woods Hutchinson, a doctor and health writer, once calmly said that New York should be torn down and rebuilt in a manner “fit for human habitation.”  According to the Columbus journal of Nebraska, he thought  “the money for this purpose should be secured by confiscating the fortunes of millionaires as fast as they die.”

Not that the Columbus journal agreed with Dr Hutchinson, or the people who “know nothing, do nothing, [and] cheer themselves hoarse with his suggestion.”

One wonders if Dr Hutchinson were merely joking, and others merely laughing along with him.  Then again, if you’ve ever been to certain parts of New York City, you might think he was being serious.

However, other stories show that people took the idea of dwellings being “fit for human habitation” very seriously.   When landlord-politicians object to building codes that require homes to be “fit for human habitation,” you wonder whether these landlord-politicians know their history. Continue reading “What did “fit for human habitation” mean?”