First aid: To be a primary responder with DR ABC

We all hear about primary responders in the news.   When help is needed, the first responders are those who help first.  They may be police officers, firefighters, in some cases soldiers, medical specialists, or even ordinary civilians who have some know how.

When you see someone who might be in need of first aid, one form of primary response is DR ABC. (There’s also the ABCDE response, intended for those with more knowledge.) Continue reading “First aid: To be a primary responder with DR ABC”

Scary first aid facts:

A blocked airway can kill you in only three minutes!

If you get a cut, better hope it’s on a vein, because if it’s an artery, and the blood comes out quickly, it only takes three minutes to bleed to death!

If you suffer a heart attack outside of a hospital, there is a 90 percent chance it will kill you.  However, your chances increase if you get CPR within two minutes (and if the ambulance arrives within eight.)

Only 41 percent of people in the UK have the confidence to even try to save your life!  Better hope the other 59% reach you within three minutes!

But scariest of all, if you’re like 80% of the population, you will need first aid sometime!

But what if you are among the 59% who are confident enough to try and help? Is your confidence enough to save a life? Continue reading “Scary first aid facts:”