beauty contestant prescribes toga

Radha Patel, a pharmacist by trade, will be representing Gwynedd in the Miss Great Britain pageant.

“What’s great about the Miss Great Britain pageant is that it’s also about your personality,” Patel told the Daily Post. “It’s about girl power and giving women confidence.”

“…It’s also about your personality.” Radha Patel

Patel performed in a band called “Office Girls UK” before earning her Masters degree.  She also gives yoga classes online, through a business she calls “TOGA.”  Toga focuses on the strength-building aspects of yoga, but apparently has nothing to do with ancient costumes.

Patel is currently working at a pharmacy in Yorkshire.

“The New York Times is a joke” – claims “science and health” writer

Science news? A lot of stories seem to be just recycled press releases. Scholarship isn't all about what kind of hat you wear. and more about turtles, newspapers and scientists drinking sugar. On 5 March 2017, Alex Berezow wrote an infographic-based article, called “The Best And Worst Science News Sites” for the so-called “American Council on Science and Health.”

Berezow claims to hear the question “How do I know if a news story is fake?” a lot.  Well, I didn’t ask him.  Did you? Continue reading ““The New York Times is a joke” – claims “science and health” writer”

How do we define health today?

What is health?

Medicine, to produce health, has to examine disease, and music, to create harmony, must investigate discord; and the supreme arts, of temperance, of justice and of wisdom…[blah, blah, blah, yada yada, drone drone] -Plutarch

For modern views on health, Jess Mador asked people in Knoxville Tennessee what health is, and what the greatest challenges to health are.

There are real and superficial definitions of health.
Some will use health to describe their ideal appearance, in order to sell products, or to further more nefarious agendas.  Others will simply say that health is not sickness. Continue reading “How do we define health today?”